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ProFinda's aims and beliefs

We are

ProFinda is reimagining productivity, talent and people analytics solutions around an employee centric model.

The ProFinda solution is a blend of years of research in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Behavioural Psychology. This is coupled with real world experience of deploying new technology into large organizations.

Our approach has now featured at the White House, Davos and Forrester Research. ProFinda is producing incredible results inside our corporate, SME and community clients.

We believe

We are on a quest to make work more engaging, meritocratic and rewarding.

We want organizations to become far more employee centric in their thinking.

We want to help organizations drive productivity and innovation.

We believe we can empower new operating models, making organisations far more flexible and adaptable.

The Timeline

March 2007 - April 2008
The Genesis
From 2007 the genesis of ProFinda began, sparked by the everyday frustrations felt within organizations of not knowing each other and the vast implications to the core of every company.
April 2008 - March 2009
The Frustration
Held back by organizational silos, rigid working patterns and adversity to collaborative practices felt– it was, and is still, far more difficult than it should be to get work done, let alone flourish.
March 2009 - July 2009
The Realisation
Despite the pool of talent available within organizations, it is often the case that people are not intelligently organised or motivated around the right work.
July 2009 - April 2010
The Quest
To help organisations better connect and utilize their collective pool of amazing staff.
May 2010 - March 2015
The Solution
Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the grounding principles of Behavioural Psychology – the first model of ProFinda is born, but remains in stealth mode, with the primary goal of intelligently matching people to tasks at work.
July 2015 - Now
The Storm
Following ongoing research and intensive development whilst in stealth mode, in January 2015 ProFinda launches with the aim of transforming the workforce of the future landscape, providing organisations with the tools to intelligently organise and connect their people at work.

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