Skills Discovery Engine

Dx is a Skills Xray of an organization, discovering employees’ skills, knowledge and experience.

Dx helps organization gain deep insight of the collective skills across its total talent pool

How well do you know your workforce?

Despite heavy investment in HRIS and other talent systems organizations typically have a poor view of the skills, knowledge, experience and motivations of their workforce.

Dx uncovers the collective skills, knowledge and experience of an organization’s employees and develops insightful individual employee skills profiles.


Understanding skills is becoming ever more critical to an organization.

Multi Data Sources

Skills discovery is possible by mining and inferring information from many data sources, and is greatly enriched by industry-leading skills ontology.

Easy Profile Creation

Staff become engaged with their own profiles due to our simple and part automated registration system using AI and skills recommendations.

Skills & People Matching

Job titles are deconstructed into skills, making it easy to match people-to-work and people-to-people.

Skills recommendations

Intelligent skills recommendations keep employees interacting and updating their profiles.

360° Skills profile

Skills profile for every employee, including aspirational skills development and goals.


Linkedin and other leading integrations across HR and productivity systems

Proprietary skills ontology sitting on a graph database, leveraging NLP, unique smart workflow and core integrations.


Powerful Insights

DX unlocks new insights into your workforce, their skills, gaps and talent opportunities.

Efficient & Cost Effective

AI enables a highly efficient and cost-effective way to capture the skills of your talent pool, into one single lens with or without employee engagement.

Automated Skills Insights

Our skills ontology and graph technology can derive significant new insights from structured and unstructured sources.

Strategic workforce planning

The insights support immediate new strategic workforce planning and talent decisions.

Flexible data input

If employees are engaged and take ownership of their profiles this deepens the data and insight, but Dx works with or without employees’ engagement.

Strategic workforce strategies

Immediate skills and talent insights to help inform far more strategic workforce strategies.