A world leading analytics engine focusing on skills, powering a new era of data-led strategic workforce planning.

Ix will help you see what talent you have, where they are, and their skills.


For the first time organizations can see and understand a complete, real-time vantage point of their total talent supply chain, their skills, their talent, the gaps and opportunities including reskilling. Talent pools and your individuals are constantly growing, moving, working on different projects, asking for help, taking on training etc. ProFinda provides a natural way to understand and track this. This offers a foundational stage to next-gen strategic workforce planning.

Aggregation feature

An aggregation feature working with our propriety skills ontology. This maps all internal data sources from HR, productivity and social deriving fantastic new insights on your talent.


ProFinda offers a number of business critical dashboards which offer C-suite immediate, key data and insights on the company and employees.

Live workflow

The live workflow introduces you to new nudge techniques to change and drive behaviours across teams.

Consultancy advice

Workforce consultancy advice.

Benefits of Tx

Skills Discovery

Dynamically capturing the skills inventory of the organization 

Skills Matching

Matching people to work with a skills and capability lens

Operational effectiveness

Alignment of critical skills with high priority programs

Skills Velocity

Understanding the skills entering and leaving the organisation

Skills Forecasting

Predicting likely skills requirements over next 18 months

Skill centered Talent Management

Supporting with workforce planning, succession, internal mobility and learning with a skills lens