Resourcing Experience is a next-generation workforce optimization platform that helps resourcing departments make better, faster data-driven decisions.

Rx: Data Driven Resource Management Driving utilization and quality

Existing methods are full of inefficiencies:

  • Multiple systems required to conduct searches
  • Out of date and incomplete skills and experience data
  • No smart workflow to support daily critical activities

Machine intelligence powered data on employee skills, knowledge and experience consolidated from multiple systems. Intelligent Semantic Search Workflow to support Resource Management

Rx will help you find, compare and select optimal teams for bids, projects and work


Rx ensures you match the right person for a project based on the key attributes they need to consider skills, knowledge, cost, location, preferences and across multiple talent pools.

Skills map

Dx maps all your existing systems to build a high-resolution lens on your total talent pool’. And Rx then offers a powerful workflow to find and match talent.


A powerful Google-like search. Simply type what you are looking for and ProFinda machine intelligence and natural language systems rank the best matches within 3 seconds.

Search, shortlist, share

Search, filter, shortlist and share the best match of talent for the role.


Compare and contrast a shortlist of talent in a simple overview which highlights the most important attributes helping you to make quick decisions.


Engagement managers can communicate directly with candidates and allocate them to a project.


Daily Dashboard overview of the resources in your talent pool and the roles you are resourcing at any one time.


Integrations into HR and Operational systems. Example includes availability to work via scheduling tools. All relevant employee information pulled into a single view.

Role based permissions

Our complex permissions feature respects the relationships between internal and external talent and work.

ProFinda brings a far smarter, easier workflow to your resource team

Benefits of Rx

ProFinda is an indispensable tool for the modern resourcing department. From Request to Suggest ProFinda brings a quicker, smarter workflow to your resource team.


Transforms the calibre and quality of teams. The right person and right teams for the right work regardless of talent pool, internal or external.


Drives significant new utilization, additional billable hours and reduced bench.


Optimize costs on project allocations and contingent spend.


ProFinda’s matching algorithms form a critical pillar in how firms ensure they find and match the right talent to work based on competency and interest rather than unconscious bias and siloed networks.


Enable greater productivity from the Resource Management team.


Rich reporting to track resourcing management KPIs.