A dynamic work marketplace intelligently matching your talent, with the right work, gig, relevant experiences, mentors and training supporting their career personal development.

Why is internal mobility and personal development so hard today?

How does your talent engage with meaningful work for their personal development?


Tx transforms engagement, personal development and internal mobility by giving the employee personalised work, project and job recommendations based on their interests and unique skills profile. The marketplace supports both full-time jobs and also short term project or ‘gig’ engagements.


Auto-matches offer workers a live intelligent marketplace connecting their skills and interests dynamically to active projects, bids, questions, training, learning and collaborations for their personal development.


Proactively search roles, projects and collaborations that may be of interest.

Chat function

A public and private chat function to cater for all types of communication needs.

Tag colleagues

A viral feature helping your talent to also @recommend their colleagues, speeding up the accuracy of your instance.

Project match

See how you fit a project or what skills you need to improve.

Benefits of Tx

Personal development

The marketplace significantly accelerates individuals career paths, learning and personal development.

Internal job

The marketplace transforms internal mobility and empowers employees to seek out new opportunities as well as build internal networks.


Tx helps firms  transform internal siloed and elongated work engagements into far more efficient, agile internal ‘Gig’ economies driving productivity 


Give employees autonomy and control over their career choices


Tx’s marketplace can include meaningful work for causes and charities matching through skills, interests and passions.