Why is internal mobility and personal development so hard today?

Transforming Internal Mobility in a Manufacturing firm

A leading UK high tech manufacturing firm approached ProFinda to better understand the skills makeup of its workforce and better enable employees to find projects and positions internally.

Retaining and motivating talent at the organization had been problematic over a number of years and employees were increasingly moving on for career and development opportunities rather than internally.

With ever increasing difficulty and cost in new talent acquisition the organisation recognised it needed a radical new culture and systems to better support internal career opportunities to retain and develop staff.

  1. Employees wanted the ability to experience a variety of work and not just stick to their full time roles. 
  2. Employees were unsure of the roles that they could move to next.
  3. Employees felt they were not encouraged to explore internal roles, especially ones outside their line of business.
  4. Employees wanting to be able to test and stretch themselves.
  5. Employees felt that the best roles were never advertised openly.
  6. Employees felt there was too little ‘on the job training’.
  7. The mentoring programme was ineffective.
  8. Employees wanted secondment opportunities.

Whilst the above relate to a high-tech manufacturing firm the survey observations are relevant to any large or mid-size organisation in the UK.

The organization implemented ProFinda Tx Talent Marketplace in a record six weeks. In parallel they undertook a significant behavioural change programme to ensure that all the managers in the organization understood the importance of retaining and developing staff even if they left their line of business.

The Talent market place was implemented to support:

    1. Internal Job Mobility. 
    2. Short term ‘gig’ assignments.
    3. Short term development assignments.
    4. Short term matching to social causes.
    5. Mentoring relationships.

In just six months ProFinda and the accompanying behavioural change programme have enabled the organization to:

  1. Fill 34 open positions internally, saving over £350,000 in recruitment costs. 
  2. Soak up an estimated 6000 hours of discretionary time with temporary work assignments. 
  3. Support good causes with an estimated 2500 hours of volunteering work.
  4. Create 120 new mentoring relationships.
  5. Improve engagement scores by 30%.

“Tx” ProFinda’s Intelligent Marketplace matching Employees to roles, projects and short term gigs.

  • On the job learning
  • Career Progression
  • Personal Development

Employee Personal Development:

Reinventing Mobility & Learning and mentoring in the employee-centric age

Below is a sample of a ProFinda Powered Personal Development for a DBA to a Data Scientist