User Case: ProFinda transforming a 28,000 person services firms. How ProFinda enabled the Resource Management to support its three major transformations

The Daily Resourcing Challenge

The resource management function had multiple challenges to deal with that made matching supply and demand in work difficult

The Profitability of a services organisation is a function of how well it matches supply and demand, so it is critical to have systems and processes to support efficiency in the process. Yet historically, systems to support the critical process have been under invested.

While a core daily activity, the complexity of a modern services organisation makes managing supply and demand a real challenge.

The client’s Resource Management lacked a single system that gave an accurate view of their total talent pool, their collective skills, the cost of this talent.

After seeing ProFinda support a similar transformation program at global management consultancy the organization decided to roll out the solution to multiple geographies.

After a short delivery period of less than 8 weeks ProFinda went live to support the resourcing team and 18,000 staff across three geographies.

To support the implementation of an alternative delivery model ProFinda gave the resourcing team complete line of sight to the skills, knowledge and experience across its total talent pool, internal, external, those in process and Alumni.

As part of the multi-disciplinary approach, ProFinda offer a unique vantage point of skills, knowledge and experience. Thus enabling the resourcing team to find the right person for the right role, even if it may have been across different line of business and geography.

ProFinda supported the wider company employee development agenda by enabling employees to find projects to support their learning or career development objectives

Finally, ProFinda is providing a framework to track and audit inclusion data

The time from request to placement for complex search’s has been reduced from weeks to hours.
The time from request to placement for average searches was reduced from hours to an hour.
Spending on external contractors has been reduced by 11%
1.3% increase in billable hours
300 Employees now self-selected onto projects
The estimated productivity saving was 300,000 hours
10,000 hours of on the job learning by employees looking to develop new skills

Resourcing, Organization & Employee benefits


Time taken to resource

Quality of team

Single view of talent

Team productivity


Drive utilisation billable hours

Tracking D&I

Strategic workforce planning

Operating model transformation

Productivity Quality & Utilisation


Micro engagement

Personal Development

Degree of autonomy

Knowledge share