The Science Of Skills

Skills: Context setting


ProFinda Skills Science Framework

The ProFinda Skills Science Framework helps find and refine employee data scattered across systems internally and out on the internet. Our framework drives automation of profile creation and smart predictions around skills, knowledge and experience.

ProFinda Work ontology

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At the heart of the Skills Science framework is the ProFinda Work ontology.

The work ontology dynamically models the relationship between industries, jobs, qualifications and skills. The ontology has over 300,000 terms and 2.7 million interconnections and enables powerful intelligent data refinement and search.

How skills interrelate, how fungible they are, industry related skills, skill hierarchies, skills families etc are all dynamically modelled by the work ontology.

The Skills science framework powers the ProFinda intelligent semantic search enabling people to find the right skills or closely related skills wherever they are in the organization.

This offers organizations the most comprehensive Ontology representation of its kind, the interrelation between industries, roles, skills and knowledge. Essential to enrich employee data and power sematic search. The Ontology is under constant refinement and learning by the dedicated ProFinda intelligence team and accelerated by our machine learning.

ProFinda powers your blended and adaptive workforce of the future

With organisations becoming more blended and adaptive, intelligently matching people and work becomes far more critical.

The blended organisation

Organizations are an increasingly complex mix of on and off-balance sheet employment types; permanent, freelancer, contractor, gig, alumni and robots. Yet no single system gives total sight of this workforce.

The adaptive organisation

Age old functional and hierarchical organizational structures are moving towards more agile and adaptive operating models. These new models are characterised by networks of cross functional teams with a very dynamic allocation of work.