How Much do you really know about your workforce?

Workforce Virtualization

Deconstructing Roles to skills and Work to Tasks


Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill N


Task 1

Task 2

Task N

Could you drive 3-8% increase in Productivity?

Skill Fungibility & Proximity

Tank Engineer

Basic Mechanics

Diesel Engine

Traverse Gear


Basic Mechanics

Diesel Engine

Electronic Transmission

Insight: A Tank engineer could fix most problems on a Truck

Why a Skills lens is critical

Reskilling: DBA to Data Scientist Transformation

Personal Development Plan

ProFinda holds a completely unique data set on the skills, knowledge and experience of your total workforce. Combining data from existing HRIS systems with the talent skills data held in ProFinda, organisations are able to gain access to unique insights that support the strategic workforce planning process.

Almost every area of the workforce planning from onboarding through to succession planning would benefit from a more detailed view of the organisation’s talent and skills/knowledge.

Skills gaps can be easily identified and addressed. The organisation’s existing skills can be benchmarked. Employees with legacy skills can be found and offered learning programmes or work that updates and broadens their skills.

ProFinda takes the guesswork out of workforce planning.

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