Governments need to be able to respond quickly to global events and deliver quality services to the public. ProFinda has regularly supported governments with their Workforce Transformation, helping them successfully achieve these objectives while maintaining employee motivation

Key workforce challenges for Governments


Government workforce spending is always politically sensitive, yet governments have faced unprecedented challenges in recent years.

Governments are being asked to do more without increasing headcount, meaning operational workforce planning is critical.


Recent geopolitical events have shown the need for governments to be able to react rapidly to very sudden events.

Governments need to quickly locate expertise from across their workforce and rapidly form cross-functional teams to deal with crises.


Governments are finding it increasingly hard to hire and retain staff with the right critical skills to match the work required.

It is not always possible to hire your way to a solution, and Governments must have a better ability to upskill and develop staff internally.

What our clients say

ProFinda ensures the right skills, the right teams at the right time. An extremely timely solution for governments around the world and indeed the UK’s Civil Service which is comprised of such highly capable individuals. Using ProFinda they can ensure alignment of their workforces across a highly complex organization, and carry out the critical work they do for their citizens in a more productive manner, and to a higher quality.

Mike Falvey, Partner, As One Solutions (Bradden) LLP, Former Partner, KPMG UK

How WorkForce Optimization helps deliver Government priorities

Fundamentally Workforce Optimisation will enable Governments to become more adaptive and agile organizations that can better respond to events in real-time, flexibly deliver on their programs or commitments, and better develop the government workforce. 

A better view of skills capability, employee capacity and cost across all government departments will drive workforce productivity and utilisation. Resources can now be more flexibly deployed. 

It gives governments the ability to react to events, and reshape the workforce to meet immediate priorities. The ability to quickly create a multi-disciplinary team from across government and bring the right expertise to bear on any problem. 

Workforce Optimization supports government employee personal development, whether it’s reskilling/upskilling or aiding internal mobility for both traditional and non-traditional career paths. 



Civil Service Transformation

The Civil Service has an incredible ability to change – Adapting to macro-economic trends, unexpected events and incumbent governments. However, at times there is a propensity for change to be overly-focused on the minute of day-to-day service delivery. This paper sets out the case for the acceleration of transformation initiatives, and a wide-scale, skills-led digital transformation of the Civil Service.

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