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ProFinda is a Team and Work Management platform that maps the skills, knowledge and expertise available across an organisation's total talent supply chain of internal, contingent and alumni workers. By implementing ProFinda, organisations can now hyperconnect their workforces through matching people to people, and people to work.

Overview Radar V2
  • Profile Builder

    Dynamic Employee ProFile

    The employee profile provides both an at-a-glance view and deep insights of the key abilities of an employee to perform a specific role; or alternatively the expertise that they can share with their organisation. ProFinda has uniquely pioneered using machine intelligence to build a holistic view of an employee from the digital footprint they leave in systems internally and externally. The 360-degree profile view of the employee contains information like their skills, knowledge, previous experience, markets, clients they have worked with and individuals within their wider network. This profile is constantly updated without the need for manual input, thanks to ProFinda’s machine intelligence. This means that organisations are always up-to-date with all current talent information.

  • Maching Engine

    Matching Engine

    ProFinda's People Search Engine helps you find and connect to essential expertise in seconds. Simply type into the ProFinda platform the type of person you are looking for, from their skills and relevant experience to their knowledge and career ambitions. ProFinda’s intelligent semantic search then finds the people who best match your search criteria. This allows you to narrow down to the exact people you are looking to find. The ProFinda semantic search coupled with extensive filters allows the fine tuning of search results to extend skills search with other critical factors such as an individual’s availability, day rate, salary or location.

  • Prizes Rewards

    Reward & Recognition

    ProFinda’s rewards mechanism encourages employees to share their knowledge with their colleagues. ProFinda aligns the reward mechanism with the behaviours that an organisation needs from its staff. This ensures that critical information flows across business areas, offices, teams and locations.

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Reporting & Analytics

    ProFinda holds a completely unique data set on the skills, knowledge and experience of your workforce. Combining data from existing HRIS systems with the talent skills data held in ProFinda, organisations are able to gain access to unique insights that support the strategic workforce planning process. Almost every area of the workforce planning from onboarding through to succession planning would benefit from a more detailed view of the organisation’s talent and skills/knowledge. Skills gaps can be easily identified and addressed. The organisation’s existing skills can be benchmarked. Employees with legacy skills can be found and offered learning programmes or work that updates and broadens their skills. ProFinda takes the guesswork out of workforce planning.

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