Finding the right experts, at the right time

A ProFinda-powered organisation allows employees to connect with each other instantly around knowledge and expertise, fully leveraging an organisation's total talent pool investment. Employees can waste countless hours searching for expertise in what is a mostly hit-or-miss exercise through relying on the usual social and corporate networks. The inability to find the right person can have a material effect on business outcomes. The right insights from a relevant expert could be the difference between winning or losing a bid, successfully solving a complex problem or the ability to deliver a project on time for the client. ProFinda transforms the way that expertise is shared across different lines of business, geographies and organisational hierarchies.

  • Team Work

    Team & Work Management

    ProFinda is a Team and Work management platform powered by unique Machine Learning algorithms for resourcing professionals. Powered by Machine Learning, ProFinda provides resourcing professionals with a cloud-based platform to search, analyse and then find the most relevant people with the most appropriate skills, knowledge, competencies, experience, motivations, aspirations and availability.

  • Resource

    Resource the Right People

    ProFinda also gives resourcing professionals the ability to be able to resource the right people onto the right projects, in real time. Through ProFinda, resourcing professionals finally have access to an intelligent, cloud-based platform that helps them to build the highest performing teams possible; selecting from a pool of the organisation’s internal, contingent (gig workers, contractors or freelancers) and alumni workforce.

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  • Coutts
  • Multiplex
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