ProFinda's insights can impact every area of the workforce planning process

ProFinda provides the workforce planning process with unique insights on the skills, knowledge and experience of the workforce, turning it into a data driven process. From benchmarking the existing workforce structure, to identifying skills gaps, and supporting career pathways - ProFinda offers invaluable support to HR.

  • Team Work

    Team & Work Management

    ProFinda’s Team and Work management platform powered by Machine Learning algorithms gives senior leaders a never-seen-before perspective and insight into the often-hidden data on their workforce’s skills, competencies, experience, client connections and motivations - across the organisation’s internal, contingent (gig workers, contractors or freelancers) and alumni talent pool.

  • Resource

    Resource the Right People

    By deploying ProFinda on top of all current technology platforms, senior leadership is able to transform bids and business development activities, reduce time and risk from resourcing projects, transform into a digital knowledge sharing organisation and ensure the business stops wasting time reinventing processes.

Trusted By World-Leading Businesses

  • Accenture
  • Coutts
  • Multiplex
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Tech London Advocates

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