ProFinda transforms the way organisations are resourcing high performance teams.

ProFinda builds a dynamic view of the total talent supply chain across internal and external staff. ProFinda’s intelligent search supports resourcers, managers and HR to ensure the right blend of people are on projects and the right candidates are shortlisted for internal roles. In addition, ProFinda narrows the search to people who are available, with the right experience, within a specific distance or salary/day rate. In addition, ProFinda also provides a variety of out-of-the-box reports that instantly show key metrics relating to managing the supply and demand of work.

  • Team Work

    Resourcing the right blend of people onto projects

    ProFinda provides resourcing professionals with a cloud-based platform to search, analyse and then find the most relevant people with the most appropriate skills, knowledge, competencies, experience, motivations, aspirations and availability.

  • Resource

    Shortlist the right candidates for internal roles

    Through ProFinda, resourcing professionals have access to an intelligent, cloud-based platform that helps them to build the highest performing teams possible from across an organisation's internal, contingent (gig workers, contractors or freelancers) and alumni talent pools.

Trusted By World-Leading Businesses

  • Accenture
  • Coutts
  • Multiplex
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Tech London Advocates

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