Delivering a single view of an organisation's entire workforce

With the average employee tenure reducing year on year coupled with the expense of hiring externally, organisations are looking to reinvent their approach to internal mobility. ProFinda creates a dynamic internal marketplace, helping employees find new roles and the organisation in identifying internal talent for roles. For the organisation, ProFinda provides a unique view of the employees who could fulfil internal roles. Rather than go to the expense of hiring externally, ProFinda can identify an internal shortlist of employees who are suitable for a particular role. For employees, ProFinda automatically identifies internal opportunities that match both their skills profile and career aspirations. Employees are provided the support needed to advance their career. This has a knock-on impact on retention.

  • Team Work

    Team & Work Management

    ProFinda’s Team and Work management platform powered by Machine Learning algorithms gives HR leadership access to the often-hidden data on their workforce's skills, competencies, experience, client connections and motivations in one platform. So many technology solutions are reliant upon users to manually enter their data (and often fail as a result). This is where ProFinda is different! ProFinda can automatically populate profiles at the click of a button, and then its Machine Learning algorithms get to work, matching people to the right projects, other people, and other opportunities.

  • Resource

    Resource the Right People

    By deploying ProFinda's Team and Work Management platform, HR leadership can help transform the process around bids and business development, reducing the amount of time spent, and the risks associated with, resourcing the right people onto the right projects. Finally, organisations can now become true digital knowledge sharing networks.

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