Since 2011 ProFinda has been leading the Future of the Work agenda and transforming leading organizations into becoming skills-based organizations (SBO).

Matching professionals across

14,000 cities

ProFinda has participated  as a ‘Future of Work’ thought-leader at Davos, ex President Obama’s White House, The Big 6, Think Tanks and beyond.

From humble beginnings in London our technology is matching professionals across 140 countries 

Our mission is to support our clients adapt for the future of work transformation by making them skills centric and purpose driven.

We transform how these organization become hyper-connected, and thus democratising their knowledge. This unlocks untold efficiencies, long term resilient, fairness, and a new era of employee centricity.

Our mission includes all types of professional organisations from Global Multinationals, SMEs, knowledge networks, social causes, charities and beyond.

Fast forward and our vision is to “ultimately democratise knowledge, unlocking the collective potential of humanity”.

A big dream, but one which is off to a flying start.


Customers are the reason for our success. We focus on value creation for our customers with customer satisfaction at the core of everything we do.

Rog Gorman
CEO and Founder

ProFinda helps transform connections across 3 types of entities and winning awards in the process:

  1. Enterprises (multinationals, mid and small firms)
  2. Knowledge networks (alumni, communities, contingent and freelancer networks etc)
  3. Non-profits (charities, causes, governments, NGOs etc)​