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ProFinda is uniquely focused on supporting the services industry manage its workforce transformations. ProFinda has assisted a wide range of international service companies, including systems integrators, business process outsourcing firms, civil engineering firms, and defence organisations, in improving operational effectiveness and improving employee satisfaction.

Introducing Alison Driscoll

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Head of resourcing at KPMG UK

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Ultimately our job was to get the right people, on the right job, at the right time, and for the right price. That meant deployment of all UK, offshore and contingent labour.

Driving resourcing transformation at KPMG, I fell in love with ProFinda. It’s been an incredible journey and I’m thrilled to now be leading the Enablement Team at ProFinda”.

Industry Insights from our professional services gurus

Optimizing Scheduling, Utilization and Bench Management for Professional Services Firms

Improving the Employee Experience with Better Resourcing

In the Spotlight:

Our global team is full of SMEs with decades of professional services experience

Dagmar Christianson

Head of Workforce Transformation

Dagmar helps ProFinda’s Fortune500 clients understand how they can align their business, culture and workforce to drive towards a shared goal. Dagmar fiercely supports human-centric workforce transformations of all shapes and sizes, applying technology and cultural change solutions as a key enabler of operational efficiency, employee retention and organizational agility.

Hans Fladsrud

Chief Solutions Architect

Previously CTO of Retain, Hans has a deep understanding of our product and industry specific challenges. He adds tremendous value to our generative AI product development, and brings an extraordinary level of technical expertise to our firm

Andrea Davis

Resourcing SME

Andrea is a seasoned leader with 20 years experience in resource and workforce management. Having previously been at super user of ProFinda a Baker Tilly, Andrea now works closely with ProFinda to support key accounts with her expertise

Keira Lowles

Resourcing SME

Keira joined from PwC with a seasoned career as a Resource Manager. Her practical knowledge of the resource manager role allows her to work with key accounts and our product team as an SME to ensure resourcing best practices are delivered

Mathangi Latha

Resourcing SME

Mathangi’s experience in resource management spans 15 years, having led teams in tech giants like Accenture & Capgemini. This included training 3000 Resource Managers across APAC, US and Europe. She is integral to our best practice delivery

Jack Hayball

Future of Work SME

Jack, a thought leadership practitioner with ten years of experience in the future of work, leads our market engagement. He collaborates with partners to share the latest AI management science and practical resourcing insights across our communities

How are professional services firms transforming resourcing?

This paper is a best practice point of view on what resource optimization is, why it is important and how you need to do it to drive operational efficiency and employee experience in tandem. Drawing on our experience of implementing resource management at scale across global professional services firms, supplemented by industry interviews & research, we hope the insights here provide value to you and your firm.

Professional Services Paradox

The central core process of professional services firms is managing the supply of people and skills, with the demand of work. Yet resourcing, which carries out this critical matching, has barely improved as a process in 20 years.

We solve the inefficiencies of this process with a fully-integrated system for people, skills & work matching, which becomes the engine of the heart of business. We call this resource optimization, and it drives operational efficiency and improved employee experience in tandem! ProFinda is the only system which enables this globally, at scale.

The critical systems to support services firm workforce transformation

ProFinda is supporting services firms of all shapes and sizes successfully embed their major workforce transformation priorities. The ability to effectively model and match all supply and demand in real-time is crucial to these workforce transitions.

Global Multi-Disciplinary Operating

Optimizing resources effectively means working across all lines of business, all talent pools and all geographies, creating a fluid dynamic organisation. 

Alternative Delivery Models

A blended workforce with single view of all delivery options, internal, contractor, freelancer and partner organizations. 

Regulatory Constraints

Ensure relevant regulatory requirements are sufficiently considered in all staffing decisions. Ensure compliance with global, national and internal regulatory controls.

Employee Development & Wellbeing

Unleash workforce potential at scale. Supporting every employee to have the chance to achieve their personal career ambitions. 

Existing systems and process issues

The current systems landscape at services firms is not going to successfully support the four priority workforce transformations. No single view of supply and demand data is available, it is fragmented across a number of legacy systems. The end-to-end resourcing and staffing process is split across multiple poorly integrated applications. This results in the resourcing process being far slower than it should be, project teams are not optimized and employee preferences are not considered

Four key project outcome improvements

Deploying Profinda improves the four key service firms KPIs that firms are run on, project utilization, project profitability, delivery quality (customer NPS) and employee experience.

ProFinda customers enjoy the ultimate data-driven real-time perspective of the current supply-demand dynamics to support both operational resourcing and mid-term workforce planning.

Model all workforce supply and all work demand in a single platform

ProFinda brings together for the first time all of the facets of workforce data required to make a smart resourcing decision, both supply and demand into a single platform.

ProFinda contains a view of the total workforce, permanent, contractor and alumni. ProFinda models all aspects of this supply, skills, capacity, costs and constraints.  ProFinda also contains all the different work demands, roles, assignments and their respective priorities created by any part of the organization.

ProFinda AI then matches supply and demand in real-time creating optimal teams for every work demand.

Manage end to end resourcing and staffing 

ProFinda supports the entire end-to-end process of resourcing from when a work demand is created through to the location of the right team, with the optimal mix of capability, capacity, costs and employee preferences.

Selection & approval workflow can be tailored to the service line or business unit.

ProFind is fully integrated with upstream and downstream systems to ensure data integrity and easy process flow.

Employee experience and development 

To help address employee experience ProFinda supports the resourcing team to understand when a role or project would align with employees’ work preferences or development needs.

Profinda also supports employee self-service, giving employees the opportunity to find and apply for work that will align with their career interests and objectives.

ProFinda provides key reporting and governance over the supply and demand dynamics and the end-to-end resourcing process

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Streamline & Automate the process with ProFinda

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