The science of selecting the right person for any role, project, assignment or task! ProFinda transforms the resourcing and staffing process to be quick, transparent and with the confidence the best available  person has been selected.

ProFinda in professional services

ProFinda AI completely transforms the way professional services firms resource and staff projects, massively improving the quality and  effectiveness of the supply and demand matching process.  ProFinda enables development of a gold standard absolute  best in class staff deployment process –  that supports both immediate operational efficiency and the longer term skills development and retention of staff.

Global Systems Integrators

Big Four
& Multi Disciplinary

Management Consultancies

Strategy Houses

& Tax

Engineering & Construction

How does AI-Powered Resourcing Work?

ProFinda brings into one platform all the data elements and all the business processes required to make optimal staffing decisions. ProFinda AI considers all the relevant critical data points when matching, skills, capacity, preferences, locations, costs. ProFinda’s configurable workflow ensures compliance with internal controls and process through the complete lifecycle of a project. Data-driven resourcing that is quick, transparent and with the confidence that the best available person has been selected

ProFinda enables the perfect match

ProFinda’s AI allows you to find the optimally matched people and skills for a project, role or task.

ProFinda's AI powers two types of resourcing

ProFinda is designed to be adaptable enough to support dynamic resourcing, finding teams as work demands are created throughout the year, as well as supporting lines of business that work on annual planning cycles.

How ProFinda will transform your resourcing experience

AI Demand Creation

Search multiple talent pools

Skills Frameworks

Engagement Economics

Booking Engine

AI Insights & Reporting

Self-Serve Calendar

If you’d like to learn more about how our clients are using ProFinda, see the tool or even have a chat about resourcing – please drop me a line. Thanks”.

Resource Management Transformation

Data driven resourcing improves quality, transparency, efficiency and economics of the staffing process. 

Resource Management

Resource Optimization

Driven by local experience of the staffing team
Driven by data, shaped by Machine intelligence, final judgement by staffing team
Multiple partially integrated systems
Single system to manage end to end staffing process fully integrated up and down stream
Capacity and availability oriented
Multi-factored, skills, experience, availability, regulatory constraints, economics
Fragmented data
All resourcing data facets, capability, capacity, economics in one system
Command and Control
Staffing to include staff preferences and development
Fragmented view of talent supply chain
Full view of integrated supply chain, perm, contract and in process
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