The science of selecting the right person for any role, project, assignment or task!

Data-informed decisions on the right person with the right capabilities, the right capacity and at the right cost. 

Take the guesswork and bias out of your resource allocation with ProFinda and find the perfect person(s) for any work assignment in seconds.

Resource Optimization Goals

ProFinda AI transforms traditional Resource Management into Resource Optimization.

ProFinda makes the process of matching workers to any form of work assignment significantly more data driven, efficient, and transparent. It is designed for enterprises that need to match labour supply and work demand or who need to quickly adapt to changing events.

Workforce Utilization

Ensure the workforce is at optimum levels of utilization and productivity. 

Work Quality

Ensure teams have the right qualities to successfully deliver any project or task

Work Economics

Ensure work is profitable. Take into consideration employment type, location and costs.

Employee Experience

 Align employee career goals and development with the roles they are matched to. 

How Does ProFinda Work?

ProFinda is designed to find the optimal team or person for any work assignment in seconds. ProFinda AI models workforce supply across all its many data facets (skills, experience capacity, cost, constraints..) and matches that to work demands coming from any part of the business. Supply and demand are matched in real-time to produce optimal teams.

Resource Management Transformation

Data driven resourcing improves quality, transparency, efficiency and economics of the staffing process. 

Resource Management

Resource Optimization

Driven by local experience of the staffing team
Driven by data, shaped by Machine intelligence, final judgement by staffing team
Multiple partially integrated systems
Single system to manage end to end staffing process fully integrated up and down stream
Capacity and availability oriented
Multi-factored, skills, experience, availability, regulatory constraints, economics
Fragmented data
All resourcing data facets, capability, capacity, economics in one system
Command and Control
Staffing to include staff preferences and development
Fragmented view of talent supply chain
Full view of integrated supply chain, perm, contract and in process

How ProFinda will transform your resourcing experience

The Resourcing Manager

I want a single system to support me in finding the best person. I want a single view of who has the skills, who has the time and who is at the right costs. Not having to rely on multiple systems and email will transform the quality of what we do

ProFinda’s AI enables Resourcing teams to locate and intelligently rank the best people for any work assignment in seconds. 

ProFinda gives resourcing teams access to all the different data required to make a smart resourcing decision, skills, capacity, location, costs and constraints.

The entire end-to-end staffing process is data-informed and captured in a single platform making the process far faster, more transparent and of higher quality. 

Bids and Sales Manager

We want the A-team on a bid to help ensure we win. I want to understand who the real subject matter experts are, who might have industry or client experience. I want to produce high quality personalised bios for our consultants to share with our clients

ProFinda Instantly find the A-team to support the bid and sale process.

Profinda produces high quality, customisable employee bios to share with clients when required. 

Client Engagement Lead

I want to ensure clients are delighted with project deliveries and that the work is delivered on time and to budget. I want to the staffing process to be as efficient and transparent as possible to avoid staff attrition. 

ProFinda handles the end to end staffing process and all the interactions between the different stakeholders involved. The process becomes faster and more transparent. 

ProFinda helps resourcing and staffing team make data driven decisions ensuring no employee is overlooked and the project delivered profitably. 

Chief Financial Officer

I want to ensure programs are delivered profitably. Consideration must be given to the location and duration of work, and whether it is being undertaken by an employee, contractor or offshore resource.

ProFinda provides a 3D view of the total talent supply chain. This view incorporates all staff, on shore, offshore, contractors and even those that are in the process of joining.

ProFinda helps ensure work is delivered profitably with the right delivery mix of onshore, offshore, shared service or contract resources. 

Reporting and Analytics help track project profitability and utilization over time. 

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