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ProFinda’s mission is to help change the world of work. This visionary work is fuelled by our talented, global team with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. Come join our adventure from leader to game-changer 


The right teams, the right opportunities, at the right time

We are pioneering a new B2B category which we call Total Workforce Optimization. ProFinda defines TWO as ‘aligning the missions of your business with the desires of your workforce.’

Our mission is nothing less than to continue pioneering the skills and optimization agenda, to transform the world of work, to help every employee achieve their full potential, to eliminate bias, and help ensure we all have fun doing it!


ProFinda however holds an even higher mission. As a purpose-driven organization, our vision is even more ambitious than helping to transform the corporate world and millions of careers. Our new breed of optimization and AI can be applied to any supply chain around the supply and demand of people, work and opportunities.

We see this as a game-changing innovation, driving new intelligence and efficiencies into the heart of every organisation, network and NGO on the planet.

As such, ultimately, our wider mission is to leverage and donate our IP to transform the experiences of disadvantaged communities, climate change networks, anti-slavery charities, NGOs, refugee causes, and many more.

Our dream is to positively impact the lives of over 3.1 billion people. This number represents the working population of the world. We are committed to ensuring we help create opportunities for all, driving equality across all societies. Hence ProFinda’s greater mission is to “democratize knowledge to unlock the potential of humanity”.

We’re very proud of this work and are deeply grateful for our teams, partners, amazing clients and wider support networks, all helping us drive this mission forward.

Our Values

At ProFinda, we know that a great culture is something that develops naturally on the back of strong, clearly defined company values and leadership. This culture is what motivates and retains talented employees. Our values are true to ProFinda and are reinforced among our employees daily, translating to a culture that makes the entire team proud.

We’re a purpose-driven company, engaged and excited about the work we are doing.

We know good ideas come from everywhere, so we work to ensure every person feels safe to take risks and think outside of the box. You will get a responsible role in an ambitious team, at the forefront of our rapid growth.

We operate based on trust. We are proud of the company's autonomy and work based on flexible hours. We care about the results, not harsh deadlines.

We are committed to transparent and great communication, and patient self-driven attitudes. We're not big on meetings, but we love innovation, agile thinking and solution mindsets.

We move quickly so you’re constantly learning and things never get stale. You will have plenty of opportunities for personal growth and development.

We value a daily work + life balance.

Diversity & Inclusion

At ProFinda, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion live as part of our core values. Both inside ProFinda and for our clients. Inside ProFinda our leadership team is 50% female, and 50% women across our operations. It’s how we seek to inspire and create an open-minded nurturing workforce, where our employees feel comfortable being themselves.

We know that creating diverse and empowered teams is a fundamental component to our success and this success can only be achieved by a collective of people with different backgrounds, experiences, personalities, talents, ideas and opinions. Our clients also take our technology to ‘power’ their DE&I agendas. So we are very proud to be living the vision we also innovate and market.

We are committed to hiring fantastic, innovative team players.

If this sounds like you, you will find ProFinda a wonderful fun new home!

Meet the Team

Roger Gorman

CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur Roger Gorman combines 25 years of experience leading large global transformation, change and innovation programs across the world’s marquee enterprises. Roger drives ProFinda’s innovation from a back in behavioural psychology and deep tech. Roger also works on a number of projects focused on his passion for deep system change, social impact and philanthropy.

Alpesh Patel

Chief Commercial Officer

Alps runs all things sales and partnerships at ProFinda. With over 20 years of commercial experience across both starts up and enterprise software companies. Alpesh has extensive experience helping start-ups scale, establishing product market fit, sales team’s organisation, and selling into large global enterprises.

Katie Leith

Head of Operations

Katie is ProFinda’s Head of Ops and leads our total optimization and performance. She is ‘human ProFinda’. Over the past 20 years, Katie has unique experience in internationally scaling a range of complex B2B brans to unicorn status. Katie brings a wealth of performance and growth experience across a broad range of disciplines. 

Francisco 'el jefe' Ruiz


Francisco has a life-long affair with AI, automation and skills intelligence to drive next-generation enterprise technologies. He helps lead strategy ensuring ProFinda adopts the best technologies and practices that emerge to help us maintain our position as a leading technology in the industry.

Vlad Kostyuk

Head of NLP

Vlad helps lead ProFinda’s NLP and data science. He enjoys the challenge of integrating state-of-the-art NLP techniques with the development of applications that have a significant industry impact and takes a long-term view on solving hard AI problems.

Dagmar Christianson

Head of Workforce Transformation

Dagmar helps ProFinda’s Fortune500 clients understand how they can align their business, culture and workforce to drive towards a shared goal. Dagmar fiercely supports human-centric workforce transformations of all shapes and sizes, applying technology and cultural change solutions as a key enabler of operational efficiency, employee retention and organizational agility.

Christina Tancredi

Head of Talent Acquisition

Christina leads Talent Acquisition and HR Operations at ProFinda. She is an experienced professional with a focus on helping organizations build global teams, during periods of growth. She is on a mission to improve the ProFinda employer brand and employee experience with a goal to impact our company culture and create the ultimate, human workplace.

Graeme Charlton

Head of Delivery

Graeme heads up ProFinda’s delivery function having previously managed business units in both start-ups SaaS and full-suite enterprise software vendors. Experience in scaling and maturing Profesional Service practices and building PMO functions from scratch, Graeme is passionate about service delivery and providing a best-in-class implementation experience for customers.

Jose del Rio

Head of Data Science

Jose leads the Data Analytics and Machine Learning strategy at Profinda. Born and raised in Palencia, Jose comes from a heavily focused Engineering background with skills refined over more than 15 years across multiple sectors including energy, automotive, retail, logistics, media and now workforce optimization. Jose’s passion focuses on leveraging data to answer fundamental business questions and create decision-making tools. With the continuous improvement of automated business intelligence, people can focus on creating new value. 

Advisory Board

Franz Gilbert

Vice President, Deloitte Consulting

Franz heads up the Deloitte Human Capital Ecosystem and Alliances various programs that serve the provider community. He has an extensive background in advising HR providers on corporate strategy, go-to-market planning, technology roadmaps and sales enablement methodologies.

Colin Day

Founder & Former CEO, iCIMS

For 20 years Colin served as Founder & CEO of iCIMS, the leading talent cloud company that empowered organizations to attract, engage, hire and advance the right talent to build a winning workforce. Now in an advisory role, Colin provides a wealth of knowledge and experience in accelerating transformation.

Mike Falvey

Partner, As One Solutions (Bradden) LLP

Mike has helped organizations to develop their strategic thinking, executive competencies and workforce capabilities as a strategic advisor, non-executive director, coach and mentor across both the public and private sectors. Mike has vast experience transforming organizations to ensure it has the most optimal capabilities.

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