Unleash the full potential of your workforce through experience optimization! Retain and reskill employees through internal marketplace of work and learning opportunities.

Introducing Dagmar Christianson

2019: Joined Profinda

2020: “Head of Workforce Transformation” role

SME for:

Employee Experience, Future of Work and Workforce Transformation Strategy

Optimizing the employee experience can provide so much value, but it’s hard in project-based organizations. Giving people the agency to work on projects that match their preferences and skill development needs, is a big part of the puzzle. Transforming Resourcing is the key to opening up informal or ‘in the flow of work’ learning opportunities that are employee experience differentiators, that increase retention and profitability.

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of people when staffing a project call people they already know – AI skills matching can help change this behaviour

Experience Optimization

Unleashing employee potential and manufacturing career serendipity – the science of the perfect career.

ProFinda AI transforms traditional static career frameworks and dormant internal jobs boards into dynamic, personalized Employee Career Optimization. Designed to support every employee meet their career objectives and fufill their potential ProFinda AI helps employees navigate all their many career options in a dynamic skills based world.

Career Science

Make it simple to find your next internal role, gig or assignment

Career Guidance

Look at career options in short and medium term

L&D, upskill, reskill

On the job gig and stretched assignments to help develop new skills or enhance existing skills

Discretionary time

Recycle employee discretionary time to support career development

Employee Support

Support employee work preferences that balance work life with personal responsibilities

“The Opportunity Marketplace allows individuals to express interest in opportunities that previously were not visible to them or that they wouldn’t have had access to in the past except via informal networking. This levels the playing field, reducing bias for more skill-driven matching of people to work and brings to light capability that the business might not be aware of.”

How are professional services firms transforming employee experience, with opportunity marketplaces?

This paper is a best practice point of view on what resource optimization is, why it is important and how you need to do it to drive operational efficiency and employee experience in tandem. Drawing on our experience of implementing resource management at scale across global professional services firms, supplemented by industry interviews & research, we hope the insights here provide value to you and your firm.

ProFinda's Opportunity Marketplace is powered by our uniquely powerful Experience Optimization Engine

ProFinda personalizes career options for employees based on their personal objectives and motivations

5 key benefits from this approach

With ProFinda, workforce members can develop their skills and careers like never before, powered by data.

Employees can see how learning directly develops their skills profile, to develop the most appropriate skills they need.

With Profinda, employees can:

See how learning directly develops their skills profile, to develop the most appropriate skills they need.

What makes ProFinda's Opportunity Marketplace unique?

What makes ProFinda unique? Our approach to digitising all projects and all work at scale, ensures you a more engaging marketplace, beyond just jobs and formal learning. It unlocks 650x more learning moments than traditional learning and talent marketplaces


I want to understand all the roles available internally that I could do now or the skills gaps that I need to close to get my next role. I also want to see roles outside of my line of business and career path that I am on

Give access to the complete spectrum of workplace opportunities and roles available, enabling employees to personalize their own career development


I want to find stretch work to develop my skills and have new experiences that are compatible with hybrid working to create a better work-life balance

Accommodate personal growth with access to stretch roles and L&D projects while enabling staff to accommodate the need to balance work with other commitment


I want to be a part of a learning culture and be able to connect to subject matter experts and learn from those who have relevant experiences to share

Create an adaptive organization that can support an internal ‘gig’ economy while enabling a more collaborative work environment through peer-to-peer sharing

The Resourcing Manager

Before we hire externally I want to understand which internal candidates we have who could either do the role now or they could grow into it

Find and rank the best employees to fulfil any role. Get suggestions immediately for people who may be able to immediately fill  or who could fill the roles with training or on the job learning. 

Understand where a role may align with an Employees career ambitions and development.

Ensure a fair and transparent shortlist with no employee overlooked. 

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If you’d like to learn more about how our clients are using ProFinda, see the tool or even have a chat about experience optimization – please drop me a line. Thanks”.

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