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Opportunity Marketplaces

The new Human Capital Operating System.

An Opportunity Marketplace can transform an organization’s productivity, agility and talent resilience, the problem is, that most organisations are unaware of the existence and benefits of such technologies which seek to redefine the supply and demand of skills, deepen employee engagement and democratise workplace opportunities. 

In this latest Whitepaper from ProFinda, we uncover what an Opportunity Marketplace is, the potential benefits of adopting such technology into your organization, and how they can yield significant growth in employee satisfaction and engagement.

Key Sections Included: 

  1. What is an Opportunity Marketplace? 
  2. Benefits to Organizational Agility 
  3. Barriers to Adoption
  4. Enablers for Best Practice
  5. The Journey from Opportunity marketplace to Workforce Optimization 

Undercurrents & Headwinds

Five unstoppable workforce trends affecting professional services firms.

In this exciting new Whitepaper by ProFinda, we hear from Industry experts on 5 key global workforce trends disrupting professional services.

Learn exactly how these trends are affecting the market, and what the impact is on your business.

The five trends discussed are: 

  1. Global Operating Models
  2. Alternative Delivery Models
  3. Multidisciplinary Resourcing
  4. The War for Skills
  5. Workspace & Wellbeing

Civil Service Transformation

The Civil Service has an incredible ability to change – Adapting to macro-economic trends, unexpected events and incumbent governments. However, at times there is a propensity for change to be overly-focused on the minute of day-to-day service delivery. This paper sets out the case for the acceleration of transformation initiatives, and a wide-scale, skills-led digital transformation of the Civil Service.

The Civil Service must amend and adjust as society does. In the age of automation, and digitisation that means harnessing AI to better deploy talent and skills cross-functionality to increase productivity, power agile delivery and deliver consistently excellent citizen outcomes.

Key Sections Included:

  1. Trends affecting the Civil Service
  2. The case for Transformation
  3. International best practices for workforce transformation
  4. What it means to become ‘skills-driven’
  5. What the benefits of transformation would be

Case Studies


Productivity Re-imagined – The Future of Workforce Optimization Webinar

Pre-Covid there was a growing discussion around productivity and the future of work. Such discussions have been thrown into the forefront of organizations’ priorities, as work and more importantly the workforce has had to be drastically re-imagined following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join industry leaders as they discuss the impact of COVID on the future of work, the importance of Workforce Optimization and what it means when we talk about ‘the new normal’ way of working.

In this webinar key topics to be discussed are as follows:

  • The Big Productivity Slowdown 2008-2018
  • Re-Defining the Role of the Workforce
  • The Importance of Workforce Optimization



Ian Brinkley
Former Chief Economist of the CIPD

Anthony Hesketh
Associate Professor of Lancaster Business School

Jason Devereaux
Global Leader of People Science and Intelligence, Barclays

Internal Talent Marketplace Webinar (ITM)

Join four prominent Industry leaders as they discuss the growing importance of Internal Talent & Opportunity Marketplaces. In this webinar, our panel will offer insights into ITMs, how they are key to the future of work, and best practices and benefits that can be derived from their implementation.

In this webinar key topics that will be discussed are as follows:

  • Cultural barriers to mobility
  • Lessons from the gig economy
  • Technology and Processes



Dagmar Christianson
Head of Workforce Transformation, ProFinda

Idris Memon
Director of People Advisory Services, EY

Neill Dunwoody
Global Leader in HR, Talent and People Analytics

Mike Falvey
Former Big 4 Partner and Ex-Chief People officer of HMR

The Future of the Workplace – Resource Management Masterclass webinar

As the workforce of the future takes hold, and the lines blur between recruitment and resourcing, it is finally time for the talent and staff mobility functions as a whole to take much more of a leadership role within organizations, moving from a traditionally reactive arm of the business to a more dynamic and strategic one, focused on helping transforming organizations.

In this webinar key topics to be discussed are as follows:

  • Acceleration of Technology & Adoption
  • High-Impact Resourcing
  • Internal Gig Economies



Dagmar Christianson
Head of Workforce Transformation, ProFinda

Lawrence Collins
Managing Partner at Digiworkz

Euan Scott
Former Head of Project and Change Leadership, EY

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