Total Workforce

The power at your fingertips to dynamically ResourceRedeployReskill, and Retain your workforce.

In a rapidly changing world, find the smartest way to Deploy and Organize your Workforce to meet changing business priorities.

What our clients say

Our focus is on how we create better experiences for all our people through the transformation of Resourcing. Better aligning opportunities to individuals’ skills, preferences and development will deliver better outcomes for our people but also our clients.

ProFinda ensures next-generation resourcing optimization and a far deeper employee experience.

ProFinda is transforming our talent experience whilst aligning our work priorities with employee development and preferences

Euan Scott, Former Resourcing Centre of Excellence Leader, EY

Total Workforce Optimization

Thanks to Workforce optimization organizations can rapidly respond to changing work priorities and external events by reshaping and redeploying the workforce in real time

Key Benefits to Organizations utilizing Total Workforce Optimization

Deploying ProFinda enables organizations to execute faster, optimize their workforce capital investments, and support employee career development all at the same time

Adaptive & Agile Organizations

Respond to extreme disruption, market opportunities and unforeseen events in real-time, dynamically reshaping the workforce around changing work priorities.

Optimize Workforce Spend & Investments

Ensures organizations have a capital-optimized workforce, with the right blend of full-time and flexible staff, at the right locations and cost. 

Employee Personal Development

Unleash employee potential by supporting their personal development and career ambitions. 

Total Workforce Optimization: combining resource optimization with career optimization to adapt to the future of work

How do I as an organization best deploy my workforce against my work priorities to achieve the desired outcomes?

Resource Optimization 

How do I as an employee achieve my career ambitions and navigate my career in a new skills based world?

Career Optimization 

Discover how ProFinda can help your organization succeed

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