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Intelligently organising People around Work
A revolution in Resourcing, Team Selection and Finding Expertise


ProFinda builds a unique digital view of a workforce enabling organisations to intelligently organise people around work and employees to connect and share knowledge.

For any type of project or resourcing need, ProFinda finds the right people with the right expertise and experience from the talent pool.

ProFinda hyper-connects the workforce encouraging collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and insight.

ProFinda unlocks the total workforce, intelligently connecting full-time staff, contingent staff and alumni.

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Talent and work, organised

Everyday within organisations both large and small, people organise in teams around work.

ProFinda builds the most effective teams from the available talent, analysing each employee's knowledge, experience and motivations.

ProFinda allocates work intelligently, building high-performance teams, driving superior overall organisational performance.

ProFinda is a work revolution, allowing organisations to better understand and leverage their global talent.

The future of work

The future of work is a fundamental shift in thinking, developing an employee centric model that helps attract, retain and motivate a multi-generational workforce.

Employee centric organisations have less emphasis on strict job titles, roles, reporting lines and location. Employees expect to be involved in a portfolio of work, based on their current skills, aspirations and time.

The new organisations are more transparent, meritocratic and afford greater employee autonomy and engagement in work.

By intelligently organising work around people and their motivations ProFinda helps companies start on the journey towards building higher performing organisations and more engaging work environments.

Elastic Talent Pool

Organisations are typically dependent on high percentage of contingent and flexbile workers.

ProFinda is the first platform to unlock the full potential of the complete workforce, integrating full-time, alumni and contingent workers into an elastic virtual talent pool.

ProFinda gives instant visibility of internal and external resourcing options for any type of work, enabling the best teams or individuals to be matched regardless of employment type.

Organisations that effectively utilize their contingent, and alumni talent will be leaner, more innovative and use capital far more effectively.

How ProFinda boosts corporation productivity

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ProFinda Features

  • Dynamic employee profile

    ProFinda builds the most advanced ever view of an employee, capturing the depth and breadth of their knowledge, skills, networks and motivations. ProFinda's deep learning technology continues to intelligently enhance the profile so it always stays relevant.

  • Smart matching

    ProFinda's matching engine uses advanced machine learning and heuristics to intelligently find the right people with the right skills, knowledge and experience from the global talent pool.

  • Cloud

    The ProFinda service is securely delivered via the cloud, enabling rapid global deployment and supports the employee working from anywhere with any device.

  • Integration

    ProFinda’s suite of flexible APIs enables quick integration with internal and external systems such as HRIS, collaboration and project management platforms.

  • Analytics & insight

    ProFinda's unique view of the workforce can support every area of workforce planning. The ProFinda analytics cloud gives organizations the ability to generate real time reports that offer an incredible view of the skills, knowledge and behaviors of the workforce.

  • Security

    ProFinda uses industry-leading 256 Bit SSL to ensure that your data is encrypted and secure.

  • Groups

    Interest groups allow team members to connect around shared interests and expertise.

  • Recognition & performance

    Create a constant feedback loop and reward top performers with new opportunities.

  • ROI Tracking

    Monitor cost and time savings generated through optimum teams and better connectivity to colleagues.

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