Workforce optimization – An AI powered revolution in project resourcing, staff retention and workforce reskilling for professional services firms.
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The science of selecting the right person for any role, project, assignment or task! With AI, ProFinda transform the way resourcing adds value across your organization.
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Unleash the full potential of your workforce through experience optimization! Enable your employees to deliver by helping them navigate skill development and project experiences optimally.
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Manage and adapt to shifting supply and demand dynamics, with workforce optimization

ProFinda AI completely transforms the way professional services firms resource and staff projects, massively improving the quality and  effectiveness of the supply and demand matching process.  ProFinda enables development of a gold standard absolute  best in class staff deployment process –  that supports both immediate operational efficiency and the longer term skills development and retention of staff.




Workforce optimization in action

Resource the perfect match, searching up to a million profiles in 4 seconds with AI

Retain your workforce with an internal marketplace of upskilling projects and experience

Reskill and redeploy your workforce, to meet emerging business requirements

Workforce optimization in action




Resource the perfect match, searching up to a million profiles in 4 seconds with AI

Retain your workforce with an internal marketplace of upskilling projects and experience

Reskill and redeploy your workforce, to meet emerging business requirements

Faster Resourcing

500 mins

Average time to resource a role reduced from 3 weeks to 4 minutes

Better Retention

1 %

Reduction in attrition due to
improved EX

Smarter Redeployment

0 %

Utilization increase in 12 months, via reskilling and redeployment

How does workforce optimization work?

ProFinda combines in one enterprise grade platform, all the different types of project demands, together with a  total workforce view of skills, capacity and cost across the complete people supply chain. ProFinda AI intelligent matching ensures every work demand is resourced and staffed with the best available people, with the right skills, in the right location at the right cost. This allows the optimal project team to be formed, in seconds.

Workforce optimization drives two processes: resource optimization and experience optimization

The workforce optimization engine optimizes resourcing, by finding the perfect match for any role. It also optimizes employee experience, by integrating personal preferences & skill development needs into project allocation decisions.

Four Pillars of Workforce Optimization

Engagement Profitability

Match the best skilled people in the right location or delivery centre to ensure work is delivered on time and  profitably

Utilization Management

Manage the bench and use an integrated workforce view to improve utilization.

Workforce Planning

Leverage early visibility of emerging skills & capacity gaps to optimize longer term workforce shaping

Employee Experience

Elevate people’s experience with self-directed project matching, upskilling & opportunities.

ProFinda's enterprise grade platform for service delivery at hyper scale

ProFinda brings together everything you need for a highly effective resource management process into a highly scalable cloud based platform. ProFinda platform AI uniquely combines a skills ontology, optimization engine & ability to perform at scale

What our clients say

The work that we’ve done to achieve this total workforce management… with the enablement of a tool to help make that more seamless is really game-changing. Automating resourcing is setting us apart because it means that resourcing can sit at a much more strategic level

Frenka Mumford, Director of People Consulting, KPMG

How are professional services firms transforming resourcing?

This paper is a best practice point of view on what resource optimization is, why it is important and how you need to do it to drive operational efficiency and employee experience in tandem. Drawing on our experience of implementing resource management at scale across global professional services firms, supplemented by industry interviews & research, we hope the insights here provide value to you and your firm.

Key Benefits to Organizations utilizing Total Workforce Optimization

Deploying ProFinda enables organizations to execute faster, optimize their workforce capital investments, and support employee career development all at the same time

Adaptive & Agile Organizations

Respond to extreme disruption, market opportunities and unforeseen events in real-time, dynamically reshaping the workforce around changing work priorities.

Optimize Workforce Spend & Investments

Ensures organizations have a capital-optimized workforce, with the right blend of full-time and flexible staff, at the right locations and cost. 

Employee Personal Development

Unleash employee potential by supporting their personal development and career ambitions. 

Total Workforce Optimization: combining resource optimization with career optimization to adapt to the future of work

How do I as an organization best deploy my workforce against my work priorities to achieve the desired outcomes?

Resource Optimization 

How do I as an employee achieve my career ambitions and navigate my career in a new skills based world?

Career Optimization 

Discover how ProFinda can help your organization succeed

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