Unleash the latent potential of your workforce and take the guesswork out of career development!

Enable your employees to fulfil their personal work ambitions by helping them navigate the many and varied internal career options available to them

Career Optimization and Employee Experience

Unleashing employee potential by providing the science to the perfect career.  

ProFinda AI transforms traditional static career frameworks and dormant internal jobs boards into dynamic, personalized Employee Career Optimization. Designed to support every employee meet their career objectives and fulfilling their potential ProFinda AI helps employees navigate all their many career options in a dynamic skills-based world. 


Make finding your next role, gig or assignment simple


Assess career options in the short and medium term


Help develop new skills or enhance existing skills


Recycle discretionary time to support employees


Balance work life with personal responsibilities

Hyper Personalized Career Guidance

ProFinda personalizes career options for employees based on their personal objectives and motivations.

How does ProFinda uniquely help unlock your Opportunity Marketplace potential

What makes ProFinda unique? Our approach to digitising all projects and all work at scale, ensures you a more engaging marketplace, beyond just jobs and formal learning. It unlocks 650x more learning moments than traditional learning and talent marketplaces


I want to understand all the roles available internally that I could do now or the skills gaps that I need to close to get my next role. I also want to see roles outside of my line of business and career path that I am on

Give access to the complete spectrum of workplace opportunities and roles available, enabling employees to personalize their own career development


I want to find stretch work to develop my skills and have new experiences that are compatible with hybrid working to create a better work-life balance

Accommodate personal growth with access to stretch roles and L&D projects while enabling staff to accommodate the need to balance work with other commitment


I want to be a part of a learning culture and be able to connect to subject matter experts and learn from those who have relevant experiences to share

Create an adaptive organization that can support an internal ‘gig’ economy while enabling a more collaborative work environment through peer-to-peer sharing

The Resourcing Manager

Before we hire externally I want to understand which internal candidates we have who could either do the role now or they could grow into it

Find and rank the best employees to fulfil any role. Get suggestions immediately for people who may be able to immediately fill  or who could fill the roles with training or on the job learning. 

Understand where a role may align with an Employees career ambitions and development.

Ensure a fair and transparent shortlist with no employee overlooked. 

See how your organization can leverage ProFinda's Skills Intelligence Framework for your own applications

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