Skills as
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ProFinda’s Skills as a Service enables organizations, consulting firms and Independent Software Vendor’s (ISV’s) to leverage the ProFinda Skills’ Intelligence Framework for their own applications

Add Skills Intelligence to your application or project!​

If you are an ISV, organization or consultancy, ProFinda’s  ‘Skills as a Service’ will save you many years of effort in building your own skills intelligence to support your applications. 

ProFinda’s Skills Intelligence framework is a proven best-in-class solution for working with skills, capabilities and knowledge at all levels

The great hunt for skills data

The paradox of skills scarcity is that organizations feel that they have a very poor view of the skill, capability and knowledge of their workforce, and yet they are awash with this data internally. 

The issue is that the skills data is there, but scattered across dozens of systems, some accessible, some locked away in daily productivity systems and some on spreadsheets. Furthermore, the skills data is not in a common language, is rarely verified in any way, and is neither searchable nor structured. 

Organizations or ISVs wanting to work with skills data are faced with the daunting task of tackling some gnarly NLP,  Linguistics,  Data Science, Data engineering and ML problems. 

ProFinda skills as a service is designed to save organisations many years of development effort in adding skills intelligence to their applications. 

ProFinda’s skills intelligence is here to help!

One of the most ambitious undertakings of its kind, ProFinda’s skills as a service is built on billions of data points and is constantly evolving with the changing world of work. At the heart of the Skills as a Service, a skills ontology and career graph model the universe of occupations, roles, capabilities, skills and how everything varies by time, industry and geography

ProFinda’s Skills Pipeline

The skills pipeline aggregates data from multiple sources; creates a skills lingua franca, and enriches and organises the data into a skills profile for every employee

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Poor Skills Data

Skills Scarcity
3 -10 Skills average
Developer, Ninja programmer, coder
Brexit, thorium, social media, ether

Better Skills Data

30-50 skills on average
Dynamic Learning

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