Professional Service firm utilizes ProFinda to ensure the efficiency of their resourcing function at scale

The company was looking to grow 30%  year on year and wanted to ensure best practices and optimization kept pace with their exponential growth


The US based Professional Service firm in question has around 3,300 employee’s currently. As their company embarks on the next few years of exponential growth, the firm wanted to ensure their resourcing function was optimized with the right tooling and best practices to meet the challenge of ensuring the quality of delivery at scale.

The challenge

With an estimated company growth of 30% year on year, the firm wanted to innovate the way they organized their staff resourcing process, ensuring best practice and quality of output remained at the highest possible standard. 

The first challenge faced was how they ensured the quality of resource management over a growing talent pool of individuals. Each resource manager needed to have full visibility over the 500+ individuals they managed, understating their capabilities, capacity and cost of deployment in order to guarantee optimized placement of talent on projects, and ensure both client and employee satisfaction was met. 

This was an even greater challenge for new resource managers who needed to quickly and efficiently get up to speed with their respective talent pool, and not have to rely on increasingly outdated practices such as manually asking around via email to find a particular niche skillset. 

As the company continued to grow, the firm knew how resourcing could become a potential bottleneck and a robust system that could ensure a holistic view over an exponentially growing talent pool was required. The firm wanted to move away from resourcing as a clerical function of the business towards one of operational efficiency, that both maximized output of delivery, but also focused on employee experience and development as a key part of its purpose. 

They needed a system that not only took into account skills and availability of employees, but also soft preferences, motivations, and opportunities to develop their skill set and experience with the roles they were given. This would require a system that was able to process multiple different data sets and sources, and compile them into an easily accessible format, as well as offering employees access to new opportunities and roles within the business that would allow them to tailor their career development and improve their overall experience.

In summary, the firm wanted to;

  • Ensure complete visibility over their employees, their capabilities, capacity and cost of deployment in an easily accessible format
  • Guarantee client satisfaction with the optimized placement of talent on projects 
  • Enable consolidation of employee skills data from multiple sources
  • Full analytics and reporting of the resourcing function 
  • Create opportunities for employee development a growth 
  • Create a single end-to-end solution and process for resource optimization they would maintain when implemented at scale

The solution

The firm brought in ProFinda’s industry-leading Workforce Optimization Platform to meet their requirements. ProFinda is the only platform that combines resource optimization, opportunity marketplace and skills intelligence in a single end-to-end system. 

Using Profinda’s state of the art AI, the firm were able to collate all skills, preferences and capabilities of their staff from multiple fragmented data sets into a single holistic view, giving them full visibility over their staff’s capabilities, availability and preferences. This allowed them to build a single perspective on each individual’s skills, knowledge and experience, how much time they had available, and assess any other constraints that were relevant to making the workforce decision 

The firm were able to locate expertise anywhere within their organization in seconds, search and rank employees across all criteria critical to a specific team or role, and make smart data-driven decisions to ensure their team resourcing was optimized. 

The firm wanted to enable their employees to fulfill their own personal work ambitions, this was achieved through the deployment of Profinda’s Opportunity Marketplace. Staff were given access to the complete spectrum of workplace opportunities, transparency over full/part time roles that were available to them, as well as stretch roles and L&D projects. Through the use of ProFinda’s OM, the firm were able to ensure better employee satisfaction while mitigating employee turnover and burnout through the creation of an internal ‘gig’ economy.

The results

As opposed to multiple fragment data sources, the firm now has a single source of truth for the total talent at their company, with a complete view of employee skills, availability and preferences. That coupled with automation of previously manual-led processes (i.e automation of individual CV creation) has allowed for far greater resourcing efficiency and effectiveness that will maintain at scale.

Employee satisfaction has grown exponentially at the same time, by giving staff complete transparency over opportunities available to them, as well as visibility on how roles within the company are resourced through a skills-based approach. Any bias when resourcing for roles has been removed from the process through the unbiased allocation features that ProFinda provided, and the systems reverse matching now supports coaches, managers and resource managers in identifying specific opportunities for individuals (e.g. flight risks, changing staff to a project closer aligned to upskilling and preferences etc).

By managing the supply and demand of skills in real-time and making effective data-driven decisions through the use of greater governance and analytics, the firm was able to create a better match between the business’s requirements and its workforce capabilities and needs. Using ProFinda, the firm was able to guarantee resourcing efficiency, quality of output and employee satisfaction at scale, through a single end-to-end system.

ProFinda gave us a single source of truth for our total talent pool, helping us reduce our resourcing time for a role from 4 weeks to 4 minutes

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