Using AI to connect global tech leaders and investors

Global Tech Advocates (GTA) is an unrivalled collection of tech leaders, experts and investors uniting to form the most influential independent, private sector group. GTA chose ProFinda as their digital network hub, connecting tech leaders, experts and investors globally

The challenge

GTA needed a way to bring together more than 2000 GTA advocates who champion, connect and support the technology sector as a community. It needed a space where members could connect and post tasks, problems, questions and make connections with other advocates. GTA needed a digital network hub.

The solution

ProFinda’s platform created a digital network hub for GTA advocates. It offered a one-stop-shop where members could view relevant tasks and questions, help fellow advocates and extend their network. Recommendations for help and potential projects are based on members’ profiles, augmented with Machine Learning technology that ensures all profiles are fully up-to-date. Algorithms also recommend connections between members or suggest experts to people looking for help.

The results

ProFinda is now part of GTA’s processes with all new advocates gaining access to the platform. It has quickly become digital network hub of new ideas and innovations, helping to further GTA’s work across the globe.

I first came into contact with GTA was when I met the founder – Russ Shaw at an event shortly before I launched the Migrant Business Accelerator in June 2015, a programme proving migrant entrepreneurs with coaching and mentorship. It was during the Accelerator Programme that I had the idea to create a co-working space called mi-HUB for migrant entrepreneurs to help tackle three key challenges faced when moving to a new country:

1. Lack of finance – and credit history making it more difficult to secure investment

2. Lack of network – to lean on for help and advice

3. Lack of knowledge and skills around business best practice

mi-HUB provides a community networking space where entrepreneurs can learn skills for developing their business, and gain access to the Accelerator Programme for finding and securing investment opportunities.

As a small and newly launched business, the GTA network gave me the opportunity to connect and network with individuals who could help support and promote my business. The most significant opportunities that I have previously, and continue to gain through GTA, have been around investment ensuring continuation of my business and mentors for the members. In addition, I received a huge amount of support through the GTA community for the Virgin Media Business VOOM 2016 UK and Ireland competition which unfortunately we didn’t win, but through GTA gained over half of the 600 competition votes we received.

The ProFinda GTA platform has been an invaluable tool that I will continue to utilize

Rafael dos Santos
GTA Member and Founder and MD of The High Profile Club

I have been a ProFinda user for about three years and love it. I am an avid networker and believe that paying it forward is the way to go and what goes around comes around.

I was introduced to ProFinda by Russ Shaw when I became a member of Tech London Advocates in October 2013 and for me it acts as the backbone of most what I do as an Advocate.

I now am Community Manager of the TLA Creative Tech Group and whenever I welcome a new member to the group I am quick to tell them that ProFinda is what makes TLA function. Why? When I post tasks I get responses that enable me to get tasks done and when I respond to tasks I know I am fulfilling my role as an Advocate of helping others.

The beauty of ProFinda is that there is a blend of group or personal communication and it is quick and easy to understand what is needed and by when. I also love the auto match feature as it reminds me of who I know (and can ask for help) and presents me with new people who I can connect with.

I can attribute a great deal of revenue and career opportunities from ProFinda and think it’s a great collaboration tool.

Marc Duke
GTA Member and Senior Strategy at Destrier Communications / Destrier AR

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