ProFinda is an AI powered team and work management platform

Since being founded in 2011 by our CEO and Founder Roger Gorman, ProFinda has expanded globally whilst continuing to invest in developing our range of AI and Machine Learning powered software platforms. These, along with our Workforce of the Future strategic consulting practice, are helping organisations transform, adapt and thrive in the hyper-connected digital age. The ProFinda solution is equally relevant and transformative to all types of organisations from multi-national corporations to governments and non-profit organisations; as all need to adapt to the future of work. Which demands a far more employee-centric environment, where it is simple to match People to Work and Work to People across direct employees, contingent labour, gig workers and alumni networks.

Our Mission

We are on a quest to make work more engaging, meritocratic and rewarding for people.

We believe we can empower new operating models, making organisations more agile, flexible and adaptable to meet demands of the workforce of the future.

We aim to enhance the existing skills, competency and experience data of the workforce with smart machine learning algorithms to develop a complete knowledge graph of the employee.

We will power the transformation of organisations to become far more employee centric.

Our solution will enable Social Enterprises to truly leverage the knowledge within their community to help transform the world.

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Our Values

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  • Quest

    We are a business that embraces our social, environmental and financial goals equally.

  • Employee Centric

    Our belief system is based upon the core principals of diversity and equality across our talented, passionate workforce.

  • Quest

    We are building a technology and consulting business which is focused on delivering worthwhile solutions to help transform the workforce.

  • Employee Centric

    Our success will enable us to reinvest in our people and our community.

  • Quest

    Our culture encourages a positive attitude, respect in our workplace, inspiration of passion and honesty in our relationships.

  • Employee Centric

    Our people are the core of our business. We hire the best who bring a positive team and family spirit.

  • Quest

    Customers are the reason for our success. We focus on value creation for our customers with customer satisfaction at the core of everything we do.

Our Team

  • Roger Gorman

    Rog Gorman

    CEO and Founder

    About Rog Gorman

    I am the founder and CEO of ProFinda and I’m on an adventure to create a new state of hyper-connectivity and intelligent connectivity, all over the professional world. From corporates to SMEs, from communities to philanthropy, from education to Government. The ProFinda model is to set alight the Workforce of the Future and ensure true triple bottom line thinking!

  • Pixie Prokharava

    Pixie Prokharava

    Head of Quality

    About Pixie Prokharava

    I am a Pomeranian, with 6 months working within technology start-ups focusing on quality control and ensuring we provide an excellent experience for our customers.

  • Michael Foulkes

    Michael Foulkes

    Chief Financial Officer

    About Michael Foulkes

    I am a chartered accountant with a wealth of fast growth SaaS experience, across fundraising, international expansion and financial strategy expertise.

  • Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith

    Head of Security

    About Charlie Smith

    I have been working in security for start-ups for the last 5 years. My role at ProFinda includes overseeing our on premise security meets the highest standards.

  • Rob Hill

    Rob Hill

    Chief Revenue Officer

    About Rob Hill

    I’m ProFinda’s CRO with 20+ years of global Cloud HR technology experience I focus on delivering genuinely transformational Digital HR solutions which add value by solving real business problems, resulting in amazing customer satisfaction with a genuine ROI.

  • Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

    Head of Engineering

    About Steve Smith

    I’m the Head of Engineering, which means I’m in charge of everything technical in ProFinda.

    The ProFinda development team has grown rapidly within the last few months. Although we’re primarily Ruby / Javascript developers, we use a huge range of exciting technologies to help understand and match relevant people.

  • Vicky Holdsworth

    Vicky Holdsworth

    Marketing Director

    About Vicky Holdsworth

    I have over 10 years experience working in marketing in-house across start-ups, corporates, non-profits and communities. Alongside my work at ProFinda, I am also the founding partner of the WOF network, a network of passionate senior leaders who have the mission to influence and shape the workforce of the future.

  • Kate Leith

    Kate Leith

    Head of Operations

    About Kate Leith

    I’m ProFinda’s Operations Director, with over 18+ years experience in working in corporate and start-up organisations across operations, strategy, admin and finance.

  • Customer Success Director

    Ant Cousins

    Customer Success Director

    About Ant Cousins

    I’m a communications and change management professional with extensive experience in delivering projects enabling technology adoption within complex organisations such professional services, construction and financial services firms.

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ProFinda's Awards

  • Winners of Tech World's The Techies Award 2018

  • Shortlisted for The Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2018

  • Shortlisted for SECBE's Construction Excellence Award 2018

  • Shortlisted for the EE Employee Engagement Awards

  • Winner of the Mitie Millions Award


Trusted By World-Leading Businesses

  • Accenture
  • Coutts
  • Multiplex
  • Thomson Reuters
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