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Aligning the work priorities of the organization with the capabilities of the workforce, to unlock value. ProFinda enables you to build a dynamic people supply chain.

Total Workforce Optimization enables an organization to rapidly respond to changing priorities. With the ability to redeploy your workforce in real-time, this is one of the few areas where AI delivers serious business value, today. ProFinda is delivering this at scale, for some of the world’s most complex organizations.”.

Roger Gorman, CEO, Profinda

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With nearly 30 years experience in global professional services firms, I’ve never seen a tool that can drive value at scale the way that ProFinda can”.

Total Workforce Optimization in Action

Thanks to Workforce optimization organizations can rapidly respond to changing work priorities and external events by reshaping and redeploying the workforce in real time

How does Total Workforce Optmization Work?

Total Workforce Optimization requires matching up the demands of work, with the supply of people and skills.

When you achieve Total Workforce Optimization your people supply chain becomes truly agile, and it elevates a professional services firm to the next level of efficiency.

Achieving this requires a powerful AI Optimization Engine.

ProFinda’s AI Optimization Engine is able to understand a work demand, scan the total workforce, identify available people with the right skills, and form the optimal project team in seconds.

Key Benefits to Organizations utilizing Total Workforce Optimization

Deploying ProFinda enables organizations to execute faster, optimize their workforce capital investments, and support employee career development all at the same time

Adaptive & Agile Organizations

Respond to extreme disruption, market opportunities and unforeseen events in real-time, dynamically reshaping the workforce around changing work priorities.

Optimize Workforce Spend & Investments

Ensures organizations have a capital-optimized workforce, with the right blend of full-time and flexible staff, at the right locations and cost. 

Employee Personal Development

Unleash employee potential by supporting their personal development and career ambitions. 


Our AI engine computes up to 372k data points to find the right skills match


Our AI engine computes up to 372k data points to find the right skills match


Utilization increase within 12 months when ProFinda is implemented


Regulatory compliance when using our solution


Reduction in attrition due to improved EX

If you’d like to learn more about how our clients are using ProFinda, see the tool or even have a chat about total workforce optimization – please drop me a line. Thanks”.

Roger Gorman CEO & Founder

Serial entrepreneur Roger Gorman combines 20 years of experience leading transformation, change and innovation across some of the world’s largest corporates and networks. With a background in psychology and digital innovation, in 2011, Roger launched ProFinda. Roger also works on a number of projects that focus on his passion for deep system change, social impact and philanthropy.

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