AI Optimization

ProFinda is an AI company from birth. Artificial Intelligence is in the DNA of the company. For us, AI is not an add-on feature or Gen AI gimmick, our AI Optimization Engine is at the core of our offer. This is why ProFinda delivers serious value and business benefits.

How does ProFinda's AI Optimization Engine work

ProFinda’s AI Optimization Engine is able to understand a work demand, scan the total workforce, identify available people with the right skills, and form the optimal project team in seconds.

AI Planning & Dynamic

ProFinda is designed to be adaptable enough to support dynamic resourcing, finding teams as work demands are created throughout the year as well as supporting lines of business that work on annual planning cycles.

AI Planning: Automatic Allocation Case study


A global multidisciplinary professional services firm used ProFinda AI optimization to transform the way they prepared for audit season.


Prior to having ProFinda AI optimization, the client took 4 months, using 50 resources to allocate their staff. This required use of multiple systems and data was error prone. It was, in layman’s terms “a nightmare”! A puzzle of great complexity, including:

  • 210k rows of demand
  • 4-6 ‘allocation rules’ per demand = > 1m ‘rules’ applied to the allocation process
  • compliance related constraints i.e. specific accreditations
  • general requirements i.e. job level/cost centre
    7k resources to be allocated


With ProFinda’s AI Optimization, this previously costly, labour-intensive process was optimized and concluded in <1 week!

Optimization applied to allocate 7k resources in record time

100% adherence to compliance needs

Resource gaps identified

Labour, time, money & sanity saved!

Dynamic Resourcing

Tackling resourcing challenges

Fragmented skills across multiple different systems data and workflow.

Legacy platforms, little use of AI/ML and modern UX. Always the most complained about systems!

One dimensional view of how busy people are.

Solution > Resource optimization

E2E staffing in one system. All process and all data.

Use of AI/ML and modern UX.

Operational efficiency and employee experience.

The benefits of using ProFinda AI


Our AI engine computes up to 372k data points to find the right skills match


Average time to resource a role reduced from 3 weeks to 4 minutes


Utilization increase within 12 months when ProFinda is implemented


Regulatory compliance when using our solution


Reduction in attrition due to improved EX

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