Performance at Scale for 500K+ employees

ProFinda is the only resourcing platform to perform at global scale. ProFinda is able to operate with any size, scale and complexity of workforce, with global delivery capability. From small specialist firms to the world’s most complex organizations, we’ve got you covered.

Technical factors that restrict performance at scale

The problem with most systems is that multiple factors affect and harm performance at scale. They are not built to cope with high volumes of concurrent complex queries. This means that deployments stay localised, and the benefits of global resourcing at scale are not achieved.

Predictable Performance at Scale Foundations

ProFinda is the only system that was built with the ability to serve global proserve firms at scale, as part of it’s foundation

ProFinda’s Scale Engineering Creates Jaw-Dropping Performance

With ProFinda’s AI, the System no longer just hundreds of resource management users, now many thousands of simultaneous users, resourcing, partners, engagement managers and employees.

Our clients benefit from the highest level of support, to operate at scale

Joint ProFinda & SAP clients are projecting user counts of over 500,000 profiles in a single instance. We expect them to increase 10%+ a year thereafter.

Clients benefit from a dedicated environment and instance to perform load tests with changing conditions (to mirror emergent needs)

ProFinda has a dedicated internal performance and scale team that works closely with global clients as the application is deployed to larger cohorts

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