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Workforce Optimization

ProFinda enables 3 critical transformations

Workforce Productivity & Quality

ProFinda allocates the optimal work by ensuring the right person is intelligently connected to the right projects and opportunities based on their skills, interests, cost and availability.

Employee Personal Development & Mobility

AI assists employees to easily find work, roles, experiences and people to support their career progression, personal learning or short term ‘gig’ assignments.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Modernizing Strategic Workforce Planning, SWP, and OD programs with an employee skills and knowledge lens.

The ProFinda Workforce Optimization platform unlocks the skills and collective intelligence of your organization

Dx Skills Discovery Engine

Dx aggregates your total talent pools’ skills, knowledge and experience data from multiple existing internal and external sources and systems. This helps organizations gain deep insight into the collective skills across its total talent pool.

Rx is the Resourcer Experience of ProFinda

Rx transforms the productivity and transparency of the resourcing team’s ability to match talent supply and demand. Finally, there is a single system to power smarter and faster data driven decisions across the most critical talent factors: skills, experience, cost, location, availability and even development needs and interests.

Tx is the Talent Experience of ProFinda

Tx creates adaptive organizations with an internal ‘gig’ economy. A dynamic intelligent marketplace connecting your teams to the most relevant projects, tasks, bids, training, questions and jobs. All supporting L&D, personal development and ‘on the job’ learning.

Ix is the Insight Experience of ProFinda

Ix aggregates your people data and the new talent insights and skills data generated by ProFinda into a powerful new view. This then offers organizations a next-gen insight experience transforming strategic workforce planning and OD programs.

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