HCI Webcast: The Survivor’s Guide to the Workforce of the Future

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Embracing the revolution of tech in the digital age requires a different approach to the way work gets done. Learn about the evolution of work and how organizations are adapting to change while discovering real world examples of companies that are embracing a new vision.

In The Survivor’s Guide to the Workforce of the Future with HR solutions expert Adrienne Bigley Fretz, advisor and transformation expert David Palmieri and tech entrepreneur and behavioural psychology expert – Roger Gorman, we look at where are we heading (and critically how and what can we do to get there)?

  1. Cultural transformation is key; how do we become architects of change?
  2. Annual appraisals are dead, so what’s next? The currency of trust.
  3. How do we accelerate change; the innovator’s’ dilemma.
  4. Hiring versus retention; the winners and losers in the new borderless workforce.

If you’re interested in talking about any of the main points outlined in this webinar – email info@profinda.com to be connected with the panel.

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