How do you turn workforce guesswork into genuine insight?

By Rob Hill, CRO at ProFinda

The current reality for many global organisations is a chaotic diaspora of poorly inter-connected IT systems all with a disparaging collection of isolated towers of structured and unstructured data. The typical technology landscape today features pockets of data stored across an array of systems including HR, Payroll, CRM, Finance, Resourcing; plus many other database tools. And then you have the nebulous yet richly veined world of unstructured, buried data in email, instant messaging and even LinkedIn.

This morass of IT systems and disparate data sources is made even more complex when trying to expand talent management across the contingent workforce and your alumni network. Frankly, there is no platform in the global IT landscape today that allows an organisation to truly drive talent optimisation. There are many talent leaders who are doing their best with the technology they have and many, many more who have been let down by the promise of the behemoth digital HR transformation project.

To take the workforce guesswork out of talent management you must embrace the concept of artificial intelligence powered tools that extract structured and unstructured data from every single IT platform. Can you imagine having the power to instantaneously leverage data from all IT systems? Structured data from HR, Payroll, CRM and Finance and then the exciting talent data buried in your email and instant messaging systems plus the data in external systems like LinkedIn?

This concept is Talent Management nirvana… No longer are you somewhat foolishly expecting people to update their own data in the myriad of different systems you have… you are using the power of a tool to simply extract existing data for you to then deploy in true talent management.

The proposition is incredibly exciting and there is a solution available today!

About the author

Rob Hill, CRO at ProFinda is a customer-facing executive leader in digital HR focused on business transformation, client value recognition, customer success and ultimately growing shareholder value. With 20+ years of global Cloud HR technology experience, Rob focusses on delivering genuinely transformational Digital HR solutions which add value by solving real business problems, resulting in amazing customer satisfaction with a genuine ROI.

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