Is Publicis Groupe too late to the party?

By Seb Haire, guest writer at ProFinda.

Publicis Groupe recently announced that they will be building an AI driven digital platform, Marcel, to transform and accelerate their business capabilities. How? Well, it will index and map people’s skills through AI and integrations and then use matching technology to put the right people on the right bids. Global expertise on demand.

I am hugely excited to see this as we built this very platform 6 years ago and have been working with Professional Services, Legal, Engineering and Property Sectors doing this very thing. Now whilst I am excited to see our idea being validated by one of the world’s leading networks, they are late to the party. In-fact we have been working with their largest competitor network, powering some of their agencies in this manner. They have a single view of what all their people know, are capable of and interested in and then in real-time can be matched to the right bids, projects, and even CSR opportunities.

So what has caused Publicis Groupe to be so bold and publicly talk about this platform?

We commissioned some research last year specifically looking at The Disconnected Organisation and the need to empower our collective talent. The article looks at the trends that are changing and how we need to adapt. In their 2016 study, Gallup found that 87% of employees worldwide were not engaged. Organisations are moving towards having five generations at work, and by 2020, Millennials will make up over a third of the global workforce (Manpower Group, 2016).

The world of work is changing, and we all need to adapt. The new world of work is about employee centricity, and this is what Publicis Groupe has publicly stated. They are backing their people, and it is fantastic to see!

So whilst they may be late to the party, I am personally excited to see they are doing this. It’s bold, public and will ultimately help further drive the new world of work, where employees come first, people are matched to jobs based on skill, capabilities, and interests, and ultimately people’s talents and skills are rewarded and further inspired. Win for the organisation and win for the employee.

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