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In the third of our series of ProFinda profiled insights about the people behind the company: ProFinda – we hear from Sales and Marketing Manager – Jack Newman.

I was born and raised in the east of England – the heart of the fens. Into a generation where technology was in its infant years and finding its feet; I have been fortunate enough to witness the world transition into the digital age. As a child, a football and a brick wall were enough to keep me sufficiently entertained. I would get home from school, finish my homework (sometimes) and then race outside to play football with friends. Fast forward 25 years, and the world is very different. That experience of growing into the digital age holds an immeasurable importance.

Studying my degree in Sports Science, I was able to connect my passions: sport and people development. My degree also had a technical side, and through learning, I was able to dive into projects and challenged myself to understand and pull apart complex topics. Following my degree, I was a sports coach across a number of schools and clubs, which was highly rewarding, but I always had a real interest to pursue a career more linked to technology and people.

After searching around the market for jobs that had a tech and people side, I was offered a position working for AMPP Group (B2B platform provider) which was immensely valuable from a personal development perspective. While I worked there, I was fortunate enough to receive direct mentorship from two senior colleagues who helped me to navigate and understand how to engage with the C-suite, particularly those within large enterprise level organisations. I loved it – and then I met ProFinda.

I was first introduced to ProFinda through our Co-Founder, Seb Haire. After meeting with the team – I was so impressed by the people, their ambition, and a product that can (now I really know how it works) genuinely revolutionise the way businesses understand, and ultimately utilise their people. The people are incredibly driven – and everyone has a clear vision of how their roles come together to drive the growth and development of ProFinda. Now four months into my ProFinda journey, I am excited about where we’re headed next.

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