Turning Workforce Guesswork into Talent Science Part 1: Getting your Data in Order

[Originally published by HCI]

Harnessing the power of data is a heavily debated topic for the future. Data from ProFinda’s previous webcast: ‘Harnessing the Power of Data: How Do We Leverage Our Opportunities for Success?’ from Nov. 2016 found that of participants asked, 72 percent said capturing data is a priority, and 46 percent said they’re unhappy with the amount of people data available within their organization.

Organizations face challenges from not having enough data and employees not providing responses needed. Leaders have to look beyond employee surveys for relevant data. Companies are becoming creative and daring with their use of data internally. New conversations are becoming accepted within companies and ambitious programs can do exciting things with multiple data sources.

With lack of employee data being such a big problem, we now have new ways of getting data by inference instead of guessing.

In this podcast with ProFinda’s Ant Cousins, learn how to organize a goldmine of people data in order to learn more about employee activities and actions.

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