Turning Workforce Guesswork into Talent Science Part 3: Empowering Our Collective Data

[Originally published by HCI]

The future of work includes teams of talent that are empowered by existing knowledge and make the most of it, says ProFinda’s Director of Customer Success, Ant Cousins. Employees spend about 20 hours per year searching for information, according to ProFinda’s early 2017 report. Instead of wasting time hunting for data, employees can improve efficiency if they have access to what they need. Managers can simply help their employees and the entire organization become more efficient by taking a holistic view of their staff’s needs, listening to learn what’s missing, and then matching those needs with resources that are available.

ProFinda’s back at it with another survey, and even though it will look at the same information, Cousins says the results will help make improvements across the market by shrinking search times, getting data to employees and increasing efficiency overall.

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Antony Cousins is the Director of Customer Success at ProFinda — connect with him at antony.cousins[at]profinda.com, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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