Workforce Diversity

By Rob Hill, CRO at ProFinda

There are so many exciting elements working alongside ProFinda’s founder Roger Gorman, as we come together to realise his vision for ProFinda and grow the business globally. The potential is intoxicating and our growth rate is, quite frankly, bewildering. We are expanding in every direction (in a good way!) all the while supported by our talented, passionate and growing team.

One of the most exciting elements of my role is to guide our growth strategy and I am personally excited about the opportunity to build a global business that, at its absolute core, is built upon diversity and equality. We have the chance from the start to get it right – to not create a gender pay gap that then needs to be solved, never have a diversity issue where we need to try retrofit a solution, we won’t have an equality problem inherent in our culture nor will we need to worry about not having a gender-balanced workforce.

We are already living the Workforce of the Future concepts, and our social and environmental responsibility is ingrained in our culture. The challenge is how to grow our business into its inevitable global success yet help solve some of the challenges which plague our corporate world.

  • In 2017, female programmers and software developers made up only 3.9% of tech and telco professionals in the UK
  • Non-UK workers make up only 13% of the tech workforce
  • Only 17% of employees in the tech industry are female
    The challenge and our amazing opportunity is to ensure that within our culture, DNA, belief system and policies the principles of diversity and equality are inherent. Then as we grow over the coming months and years (firstly to a few hundred people and then thousands) we have a workforce and culture that is something to be proud of.

In the coming few months we are looking to grow our workforce by around dozen key individuals and I look forward to ensuring diversity and equality are at the heart of these new hires.

About the author

Rob Hill, CRO at ProFinda is a customer-facing executive leader in digital HR focused on business transformation, client value recognition, customer success and ultimately growing shareholder value. With 20+ years of global Cloud HR technology experience, Rob focusses on delivering genuinely transformational Digital HR solutions which add value by solving real business problems, resulting in amazing customer satisfaction with a genuine ROI.

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