LACE partners uses ProFinda technology to connect HR consultants

LACE Partners is a dynamic global HR and technology adoption consultancy, delivering solutions using experienced resources and innovative technologies. LACE Partners use ProFinda as the digital hub to connect their network of Human Resources Consultants.

The challenge

LACE Partners needed a digital hub to connect their network of Human Resources consultants based across the globe. They had to resource the right consultants onto the right projects based on their areas of expertise, skills, and previous client experience.

The solution

Every consultant at LACE Partners was invited to create profiles on ProFinda. These included their skills and previous experience. The Machine Learning Algorithms developed by ProFinda then matched each consultant with potential projects, whilst also suggesting new skills for them to add to their profiles from a taxonomy of over 30,000 terms. This ensured that all profiles were updated regularly. Members of the senior management team at LACE Partners could then search and resource specific consultants, ranked most relevant for a particular project or client.

The results

Using ProFinda, LACE Partners can now locate the right consultants with the right skills and experience from their internal network, for the right tasks or client projects. As a result of this new workflow, the community is now constantly engaged on projects that suit their experience, ensuring they are always maximising their potential.

We also interviewed LACE Partners directly, watch the video below:

Connecting and motivating a virtual workforce is a critical element of the LACE business model. ProFinda provides us with an intelligent and engaging way in which to do that. For example, a client needed help in Paris with Reward. Normally we would have had to decline the opportunity. Instead ProFinda highlighted Rachel for us in our extended team, who had just moved to Paris and was a perfect fit for the role.

The shared belief to connect great people to do great things brought ProFinda and LACE Partners together, establishing a partnership that has empowered and engaged their Associates to communicate and network across the globe:

Aaron Alburey
Founder and CEO of LACE Partners

ProFinda has shown its worth time and again at LACE Partners – we can find out instantly who in our associate network has the best match of skills to project opportunities with our clients. It is our primary platform for engaging with our associates and managing our resource pool, enabling us to share roles and communicate easily with a targeted and positive user experience.

Cathy Acratopulo
Co Founder at LACE Partners

The ProFinda platform helps us to connect with our network of Human Resources Consultants all around the world. We can keep them updated and engaged by sharing our research and job opportunities and sharing our upcoming events. Before ProFinda we needed to communicate and engage our network through email, now ProFinda enables self-starting collaboration.

Rachel Mawson
HR Transformation and Change Senior Associate at LACE Partners

ProFinda is really our one stop shop at LACE Partners for knowledge sharing, announcements, event planning and network building. We are a consultancy with a pool of associates who work in a multitude of different locations on changing projects and it is extremely useful to have a hub that not only brings everyone together but matches the right people with the right skill sets.

Pip Anderson
HR Transformation Associate at LACE Partners

ProFinda enables us to access the skills, knowledge and experience of our entire associate network. With its ability to help recognise the attributes required from an individual, it is time saving and user friendly. We have a network that is engaged and mutually benefits from having a diverse wealth of information and support available instantaneously.

Lily Oliver
Associate at LACE Partners

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