Professional services firm improves corporate social responsibility

The challenge

A multi-national, leading, Professional Services firm that specialises in providing audits, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services needed a more efficient way to track CSR initiatives within the organisation and match projects to the right volunteers. Keeping its talented pool of employees engaged and providing a well-rounded workplace experience through CSR is of great importance to the organisation. However, the process for assigning volunteers to each CSR project was time-consuming and inefficient – mostly done through Microsoft Excel. There was also a lack of communication across the organisation about the type of CSR projects that people could get involved in.

The solution

An initial pilot project was proposed by ProFinda involving 1000 employees. These employees’ profiles were uploaded to the ProFinda platform, including their work information (department, role, seniority etc.) and also their interests (particularly ones that would match well with CSR projects).

CSR project information was uploaded to the ProFinda platform and machine intelligence then matched these projects to potential volunteers based on their profiles. Volunteers could also search the platform for projects that they would like to be involved in, giving employees clear visibility where previously there was none.

The results

Employees involved in the program have reported that they feel much more engaged, productive and empowered since ProFinda was implemented. They are also able to broaden their skill sets and experience by taking part in new projects that they otherwise would not have come across using the manual system. This has also had an impact on employee retention rates and overall job satisfaction as employees are now able to work on great projects that use all their skills and expertise – and that will align with their aspirations.

A nominated Charity Relationship Manager now posts activities on behalf of charities, selecting the right people to be involved and launching new CSR projects. This is done in record time thanks to the ProFinda platform.

There has also been an impact on the firm’s marketing. With the organisation now able to promote what projects they’re running and accurately be able to outline the impact their organisation is making on wider social issues and causes.

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