ProFinda provides On Purpose with a digital home to power their network

The On Purpose community brings together the best professionals at an early point in their career to grow the next generation of social enterprise leaders who will harness the power of business for good. On Purpose uses ProFinda as the digital home to power the network.

The challenge

The community needed a digital home to power the network and ignite their goal of social and environmental improvement – achieved through collaborative behaviour, constant self-improvement and a willingness to help those around them.

The shared belief to connect great people to do great things brought ProFinda and On Purpose together, establishing a partnership that has empowered and engaged professionals to interact and network globally.

The solution

Each On Purpose Associate was invited to create a profile on the ProFinda platform, either manually or through importing information via LinkedIn. These profiles were then supplemented with suggested expertise and skills by ProFinda’s Machine Learning algorithms. Associates could then post questions, problems they were having, and projects to the platform for fellow members to contribute to. Algorithms then match each task, problem or question to suggested experts in the network, based on their profiles – skills and experience. ProFinda is the digital home to power the network.

The results

Through use of ProFinda, On Purpose has connected its associates across 18 countries and is able to engage each member with content and requests that are relevant to them.

ProFinda is connecting our Associates across London, Paris, and Berlin, and keeping our alumni (Fellows) in 18 countries engaged in live debates and opportunities across the social enterprise space. Before ProFinda we were flooding our community with blanket emails which weren’t engaging or sustainable. Since ProFinda, the community is better able to target asks, invites, and data to the most relevant people. Despite not pushing all opportunities to every inbox, community activity is up, so we’ve ended up with more interaction and smaller inboxes!

Tom Rippin
Founder and CEO of On Purpose

I love that when I login I can immediately see on the side the things that I might be interested in, or that have been directed to me. I don’t need to search it out, though interestingly, once I do go and review the tasks that ProFinda is flagging to me, I am always tempted to go and take a look at what else is going on in the community.

Miranda Schnitger
Associate at Big Society Capital from the On Purpose community

You have the hive mind available to you. I can put in the things that I’m interested in, the skills that I have, and the platform magically matches me with our wonderful network. Before I had a sense that there was a wealth of worthwhile information out there, but I couldn’t quite reach it.

Ben Haber
Associate at Bonsucro from the On Purpose community

It’s really really useful. Most recently doing a salary benchmarking exercise. It’s been nice to be able to put my task out so that there’s the potential that the entire community sees it, but then to be able to invite individuals that I specifically want input from. Whereas before, when we had to send out emails to entire cohorts you didn’t know what you were going to get back.

Pasha Michaelsen
Associate at Challenge Partners from the On Purpose community

I’ve found using the collaboration platform really helpful. More specifically I put out a task calling for evidence from people working in a specific sector. I put it out and 3 or 4 relevant people were in touch to submit evidence. But these guys then put out the ask to their own networks too.

Scott Drummond
Fellow at B Corps UK from the On Purpose community

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